About DuoResp Spiromax

DuoResp Spiromax contains budesonide and formoterol*

  • Dry powder inhaler
  • Two strengths:
    • 160mcg/4.5mcg
    • 320mcg/9mcg

Therapeutically equivalent to Symbicort Turbohaler® (budesonide + formoterol) 2-4

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  • Similar safety profile to Symbicort Turbohaler2-3
  • Licensed for asthma and COPD in adults 18 years of age and older only5
  • Maintenance and reliever (MART) license for asthma5**

DuoResp Spiromax doses are therapeutically equivalent to Symbicort Turbohaler2-5

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Product Delivered dose (mcg) Metered dose (mcg)
DuoResp Spiromax 160/4.5 200/6
Symbicort Turbohaler 160/4.5 200/6
DuoResp Spiromax 320/9 400/12
Symbicort Turbohaler 320/9 400/12

*DuoResp Spiromax is licensed for use in adults 18 years of age and older only.
** For 160mcg/4.5mcg strength only.

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