The Spiromax device

DuoResp Spiromax has an award winning design1 and is designed to be uncomplicated and user-friendly

Ready in one flip of the cover
- One step to prepare the device

Dose confirmation:
- 'Click' sound + taste + precise dose indicator

No need for coordination of actuation and inhalation

A familiar shape
- Similar to the pMDIs patients already know

Attached cover, ridged for easy grip

Spiromax is designed to deliver reliable dosing in the real world

  • Spiromax is suitable for a wide range of adult patients, including those with low maximal inspiratory force, severe disease and the elderly.2
  • The innovative technology inside the Spiromax device delivers a consistent dose across a broad range of flow rate, including low flow rates.5
  • Spiromax delivers a consistent dose from first dose until last.3,4

*Drug characterization Studies Quality Guidelines state that 40 L/min can be considered low inspiratory flow.

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